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Will you pay to get scars on your face? Here’s the truth about micro freckles

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Social media went into a frenzy in 2017 when micro freckles became the latest microblading trend.

Some felt it was silly to tattoo freckles on their faces, but many others couldn’t hide their joy. The fact that they could now microblade freckles just as they’ve been doing to their eyebrows was just amazing. Since then, women have been paying to get freckles tattooed on their faces.

And this is rather interesting. Hitherto, people with freckles, which are mainly due to sun exposure and epidermal damage, would try to hide them with foundation and celebrate when they start to disappear.

Celebs like Meghan Markle and Nia Long are known for their freckles, but theirs are 100 percent real and they look absolutely beautiful.

Will you pay to get scars on your face? Here’s the truth about micro freckles

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In this regard, many women – black and brown – want to be blessed with freckles too and are paying monies to add them to their faces.

With about $250, women who want to rock faux freckles can get the semi-permanent treatment done. Note that you might not like what you see when you first get them as they may look like blackheads and moles.

But with time, they will heal, lighten and fade. Micro freckles can last to three years or more, especially on the nose due to a lack of fat in the area.

For those wondering how painful or safe the process is, Audrey Glass, a professional microblade artist in Los Angeles, recently shared how she gets the procedure done:

“I draw them on with a pencil to map them out and get the client’s approval. Then I do a first pass [with a rotary machine], apply a numbing gel and then go back for a second pass to make them blotchier for a more natural effect. I also add tiny random ones to tie everything together.” Semipermanent freckle tattoos essentially use pigment in place of ink.

Will you pay to get scars on your face? Here’s the truth about micro freckles

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So, from freckle pencils to stencil-like adhesives, faux freckles are definitely here to stay as women are still going the extra mile to get those spots tattooed on their faces despite the risks.

“Anytime there is a cut in the skin, it is possible to develop an infection — so it’s very important to make sure that the skin has been cleansed appropriately [ahead of the procedure], and that sterile instruments are used,” warned Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

With that said, would you still go that far to get a freckled look? Just check out how these women flaunt theirs. They might help you decide.











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