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BY Francis Akhalbey, 10:01am May 04, 2022,

Woman returns from vacation to find squatters on her bed, loses about $50,000 worth of items

A Maryland woman found two squatters in her home after returning from a vacation -- Images via Twitter

A Maryland woman who found two squatters in her home after she returned from a vacation said the encounter left her so scared to the extent that she had nightmares. She also said she stayed at home for a week in the aftermath of the incident.

According to FOX5, the victim recorded her encounter with the male and female suspect after she found them lying on her bed when she returned home with another resident. The two residents encountered the squatters in the home after returning from a vacation on April 15, the Greenbelt Police Department said. The home’s front door was damaged and most of the items inside were also gone.

“[The resident] located two suspects, a black male adult and a white female adult lying on one bed, the only piece of furniture still in the home,” Greenbelt police said, adding that one of the victims was leasing the home while the other resident was her friend.

During the encounter, the suspects informed the two victims that they had made away with all their belongings. They were also said to be aggressive towards the victims before they left the home.

“Not only were they in my home, but everything in my home was gone except for my bed because he details how he loved my bed so much. And I’m like who are you? And he says my name. He’s like you didn’t pay your rent. I’m like what are you talking about? I paid my rent,” one of the victims said.

The woman also said the male suspect prevented her from leaving the home. “He tackles me, and I’m like ‘sir this is my home you not gone let me leave?’ He’s like, ‘no I’m just saying you not gone call the police. I’m going to give you your apartment you just not gone call the police,’” she recalled.

The woman said she started recording the man at a certain point, but that was after he had calmed down. And while he was packing his things, the male suspect explained how he managed to enter her apartment. The female victim said about $50,000 worth of property in the home is gone, FOX5 reported. The victims also said the apartment was fully furnished at the time they went on vacation.

“I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me, I see this on TV,” she said. “They really took over my apartment, and I was just trying to remain calm. But at the same time, I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I come home and literally, two people are in my bed relaxing.”

She said before the male suspect fled the scene, he informed her that he had intentions of carrying out the same act at another apartment. Authorities have since shared photos of the suspects and asked the public to assist with information that could lead to their arrest.

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