10 black celebrities whose perfect look-alikes will blow your mind [Photos]

Etsey Atisu July 26, 2019
Rihanna got a mini doppelganger | E! News

They say everybody has a lookalike – either presently or from the past. Scientifically, our faces have evolved due to the importance of individuality to our species and that is why everybody must surely have a lookalike out there somewhere.

It does not always have to take natural occurrences to make you an identical twin to be able to have a mirror of your face out there either.

Just think about it: you walk down a street and you see a multitude of faces. How many look almost the same? Now, take a walk in a park and look at the squirrels bandying about. Can you really tell them apart?

The same goes for many celebrities in the world. They might not be smacking images of your favourite celebrities but they sure do have some resemblance. Find out who the doppelgangers of some of your favourite black celebrities are.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: July 26, 2019


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