10 countries with the highest internet charges in Africa

For a world that greatly relies on the internet for everything, one would think that it would now be a basic need that everyone can afford. Since the creation of the internet, the world has evolved into a global village that can connect through the simple connections and network of the internet.

With everything being just one click away and the great advancement and impact of social media, many people, companies and countries are willing to spend a good amount of money for the sake of internet connection. But how much is too much money?

Despite several efforts to ensure affordable and accessible internet for everyone on the continent, Africa leads the pack when it comes to internet expenses, being the continent that spends the most on internet packages and broadband in the world.

According to research conducted by the Alliance for Affordable Internet, the average African spends roughly 8.76% of their income on internet packages followed by Latin America and the Caribbean with 3.58%.

Based on the 2018 findings from the Alliance for Affordable Internet and Cable UK, here are the African countries that spend the most amount of money on the internet.

Last Edited by:Victor Ativie Updated: April 17, 2020


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