by Farida Dawkins, at 10:52 am, July 03, 2018, Art Attack

11-year-old Nigerian artist impresses the world with hyperrealistic drawings of people

Waris Kaleem creating a masterpiece...Twitter

Nigerian native Waris Kaleem produces realistic depictions of individuals and he’s steadily gaining attention for his talent. 11-year-old Kaleem started drawing at the age of six and began drawing on a professional level at the age of eight.

His art-work is a genre of fine art called hyper-realism; each object is perfected on paper or other forms of mediums using massive detail that exhibits raw emotion and human reactions.   Kaleem garners inspiration from everyday interactions and his environment.

The Lagos resident explained, “I try to focus on it to get the detail in the picture and in the artwork too.”

Kaleem has set high standards for himself as he hopes to one day see his work presented in museums across the globe.

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