3 ancient African hair care products that worked wonders

Adom Tabbey-Botchwey July 24, 2019
Niter kibbeh, Credit: daringgourmet.com

Butter, Ethiopia

Clarified butter (also known as Niter kibbeh) has been used by the people of the Afar tribe in Ethiopia as hair care products for centuries. To make this, butter is simmered for a length of time, allowing milk fat or solids to separate out and the water to evaporate leaving behind a distinctive fat rich in essential fatty acids, as well as, some fat-soluble vitamins, which are needed for multiple physiological functions in the body.

Image result for An Afar man of Ethiopia with buttered hair
An Afar man of Ethiopia with buttered hair. Pic credit: Flickr

The butter can be eaten for its nutritional purposes and is applied to the hair to protect it from the sun and keep it perfectly supple. The butter is best liquified by placing the container in warm water, and then generously applied to hair.


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