5 islands in the Caribbean where you’ll be killed for committing certain crimes

Farida Dawkins July 03, 2018
Noose used for hanging...iWitness News

Last Wednesday, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in Barbados outlawed capital punishment for murderers, deeming it unlawful.

The High Court is no longer able to enforce the death sentence for those in Barbados found guilty of murder.

The CCJ decided that Section 11 of the Constitution – which allows for protection under the law was enforceable and that “the mandatory death penalty breached that right as it deprived a court of the opportunity to exercise the quintessential judicial function of tailoring the punishment to fit the crime.”

Despite the island’s changed stance on capital punishment, there are Caribbean islands who still carry out death sentences as punishment for certain crimes.

Scroll through to learn about the 5 Caribbean islands where you’ll be killed for committing certain crimes:

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