53-year-old Naomi Campbell opens up about her latest health hurdle

Stephen Nartey September 20, 2023
Naomi Campbell/Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The journey to pre-early menopause seems to have begun early for 53-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell. At the beginning of the fourth episode of the Apple TV+ docuseries “The Super Models”, Campbell expressed her frustration on a photoshoot set, revealing that she believes she’s experiencing the early stages of menopause.

This comes moments after she began sweating so much while on set, likening the experience to being in a furnace. In a video, a male voice is heard checking on how she is faring. But, the supermodel retorted that she was going through pre-early menopause, sometimes referred to as pre-menopause.

When asked whether she required assistance to catch her breath, she beckoned the team to continue since there was little she could do to control the natural phenomenon. She wondered why men do not experience menopause. Co-director Roger Ross Williams acknowledged that Campbell, like all women, goes through menopause, emphasizing its universality.

According to science, perimenopause is the period before a woman experiences menopause. One of the signs during this stage is the changes in hormones even though the woman continues to menstruate. It typically occurs in women aged 45 to 60 and can vary in duration from a few months to several years. Menopause is officially considered reached when a woman hasn’t had a period for 12 consecutive months.

Sharing her experience in an interview,  the mother-of-two observed the bodily changes and transformations that come with aging.

“There have been times when I said ..Okay I’m gonna slow down, I’m gonna pull out. But… my energy is still the same,” she told Daily Mail.

The supermodel gave birth to her first child in May 2021. Her fans globally expressed shock when she shared a photo of her baby girl. She expressed joy over how the experience of becoming a mother has been with the inception of the beautiful little blessing. In a heartfelt post, Campbell expressed her profound honor and love for her new child, describing the lifelong bond they share as something indescribable.

In June 2023, she again announced the birth of her second child via social media handle, intimating that it’s never too late to become a mother. She shared a photo cradling the baby boy, with her two-year-old daughter holding his hand.

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