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6 Questions Any African Must Ask Before Moving Overseas

  • What Am I Going To Do?

Without a plan, you may end up somewhere you don’t want to be. Most people who move overseas just for the sake of going “somewhere different” end up not any different or even worse off than if they had stayed home. Are you going to school? Stay focused on that. Are you going for a spouse hunt or a new beginning somewhere else?

Unfortunately, if you are on the run, moving overseas won’t solve that. Some people think their country is all messed up and the solution lies in Europe or America. But when they get there, they realize it’s still a struggle. If you can’t make the best of what you’ve got now, who says you’ll do any better there? If you have a family of your own, never plan the move for yourself only. Think about what your spouse and kids will be doing also, and if this move will be beneficial to them.

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