95 schoolgirls paralyzed by strange illness in Kenya

Stephen Nartey October 06, 2023
Eregi Girls High School/Photo credit: Eregi Girls High School via facebook

Health authorities in Kenya are alarmed over how a mysterious paralyzing illness left numerous school girls hospitalized. They have initiated an investigation to determine the cause of this puzzling outbreak, with concerns that it may be infectious and could potentially lead to dire consequences if left unaddressed.

Local media reports indicate that the incident occurred at an all-girls school in Musoli, located approximately 232 miles northwest of Nairobi, Kenya. A viral video showing the harrowing scene pegs the number of students who exhibited strange symptoms at 95.

The students were seen struggling to walk, being assisted by their peers, and experiencing uncontrollable shaking. Others who were bedridden students were seen convulsing, presumably in a hospital setting, as reported by local media.

Doctors are currently puzzled by the cause of the outbreak. Samples of blood and urine from the affected girls have been sent to laboratories for analysis. However, some experts have raised doubts about the illness, suggesting it could potentially be a case of mass hysteria. Local education authorities have expressed concerns, as some reports indicate they fear that the majority are feigning their sickness, particularly with end-of-year exams just weeks away.

Susan Nakhumicha, Kenya’s health premier, reported that no pathogens were detected among the students of St. Theresa’s Eregi Girls High School.

During her address to the National Assembly Public Investment Committee on Education and Governance, she announced that additional tests would be conducted to ascertain the cause of the illness. She added that a comprehensive report is expected soon.

So far, five tests have been conducted, and no pathogens have been found. However, additional samples have been sent to the Kenya Medical Research Institute in Nairobi for further analysis.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: October 6, 2023


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