Woman mauled by 3 vicious dogs left in permanent pain, passerby filmed but didn’t help

Stephen Nartey October 06, 2023
Photo: ITV

A 24-year-old who was mauled by three old dogs has revealed that she is numb in most parts of her body. According to Lakadyia Reynolds, she felt she was on the verge of death as the dogs cranked their teeth into her skin while a passerby filmed the tragic event.

The incident happened on June 6 in Abbots Park, Lambeth, South London. She was attacked by a group of animals, one of which was a banned American Pitbull Terrier. The brutal attack left her with severe injuries, requiring plastic surgery to address bites and scratches on her face, legs, and arm.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Reynolds disclosed that she continues to experience ‘excruciating pain’ due to nerve damage in her arm, leaving half of the limb devoid of sensation and mobility. The shocking daytime attack was witnessed by a passerby who, instead of offering assistance, chose to film the incident, later sharing the video online, as reported by Daily Mail.

The police have reported that the owner of the animals involved in the incident voluntarily surrendered them. One of the animals had been put down, while the other two are currently being housed in kennels.

Reynolds indicated that she now faces the grim possibility of sustaining permanent nerve damage in her arm, casting a dark cloud over her life. Shedding light on the severity of the incident, she said she believed she was going to die during the attack.  

Recounting the incident, she said she encountered the three dogs in a park while en route to meet a friend. She explained that initially, the presence of the dogs didn’t alarm her, and she continued her walk. However, the owner of the dogs eventually released two of the dogs while keeping one on a leash.

Reynolds said she initially perceived the dogs as playful when they approached her. However, as her friend was afraid of dogs and she didn’t want them following her, she requested the owner to call his dogs back. Initially met with no response, she had to repeatedly ask the owner to control his dogs. Eventually, the owner called them, but the dogs did not respond.

In a shocking turn of events, the dogs suddenly launched a vicious attack on Reynolds. A passerby who recorded the disturbing incident, captured her agonizing screams as the dogs jumped and bit her. The brutal attack persisted even as she attempted to flee, ultimately forcing her to the ground.

She had to be admitted for a week at the hospital after the incident. “I think there has to be a lot of emphasis on responsible dog ownership and there needs to be a lot of focus on the dog owners as well,” she said.

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