A Kenyan man was set to marry a fourth wife – until his son took off with cows chosen for bride price

Mildred Europa Taylor October 12, 2020
Image credit: African Farming

A 17-year-old boy from Tana River County, Kenya, ruined his father’s plans to get a fourth wife by running away with the livestock chosen as the bride price. The teen’s father, Mzee Ramadhan Mohammed of Titila village, was set to marry a minor aged 17 but he reportedly fell ill after realizing that his son had disappeared with the bride price.

The teenage son had, before taking off with the livestock (cows), argued with his father over his idea of marrying a fourth wife, especially when his father has refused to give him the go-ahead to marry as well.

The teen’s younger brother, who spoke to the Saturday Nation, said: “My brother has been introducing the bride he wants to marry to our father, but it seems our father has his own preference of the kind of women he wants us to marry, so he keeps rejecting our choices.”

“We did not have a peaceful night on Sunday; they almost went for each other’s throats, to the point that my father disowned him,” said the boy.

The unnamed 17-year-old son left home following the quarrel with his father, but returned Tuesday night and locked his father’s house from outside before escaping with the cows intended for the bride price, said his younger sibling.

An old Mzee Titila woke up realizing he had been locked in from inside and screamed for help. He later collapsed when he was told what had occurred and was taken to the hospital.

He has since been discharged but still shocked and wouldn’t eat anything except to drink milk, according to his relatives. His planned wedding has also been called off while young men in the community have been sent to look for the teen son and the livestock.

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