All about eccentric Ghanaian designer Jason Jermaine Asiedu who made waves at Lagos Fashion Week

Deborah Dzifa Makafui November 05, 2022
Jermaine Asiedu. Image via Lagos Fashion Week

If you watched the Lagos Fashion Week, then you must have witnessed the Jermaine Bleu designs which stood out among the many talented designers that graced the event. The use of brilliant colors and varied, trendy African designs is a hallmark of Ghanaian fashion.

Over time, fashion companies have appeared to represent the unique Ghanaian narrative and aesthetic via amazing slick designs and fashion. Local designers and artists who specialize in modernizing traditional kente or fugu clothing are plentiful in the fashion district. 

Jermaine Asiedu is the founder of the Ghanaian fashion label Jermaine Bleu. The company offers a variety of contemporary yet edgy styles as well as high slits, distinctive designs, vivid colors, pleats on flared pants, and more in each piece. 

Jermaine Bleu was founded in 2015. Asiedu also serves as its creative director. The company describes itself as a legacy brand for the brave, attractive, and intelligent while exploring all facets of creativity and conveying stories via contemporary Africa that are influenced by the culture. 

According to Asiedu in an interview with i-D, increased collaboration between Ghanaian fashion designers is necessary for more Ghanaians to succeed in the fashion industry 

“I believe that we need a structure and that we should work together more. We don’t have an industry, yet we do, I like to say, but there doesn’t seem to be any structure to it. It seems as though everything is scattered and that everyone would benefit if we could all cooperate and work toward the broader picture. However, it appears that everyone is just going about their own business. One person can’t do it alone; we all need to work together to grow this industry; else, nothing will get done”. 

He has done well for himself despite being a rookie in the African fashion market. We can say Asiedu is on his path to becoming a world-class designer after his participation in Milan Fashion Week and Lagos Fashion Week, and it is exciting to observe his growth.

The runway will eventually have to get used to Jermaine Bleu’s universe, where he incorporates themes of love, freedom, community, and self-expression. During the runway show, he showed his new materials and textiles as well as important print pieces that feature the brand’s new collection which sells the Ghanaian culture.

Asiedu has always been interested in fashion because his mother used to be a seamstress. Growing up around that was very inspiring, he said. But it wasn’t until he went to school and studied textiles that he really took an interest.

“I found that whenever we were asked to do a design, I always approached it very personally. In terms of drawing or sketching, my work was very personal. Right after school, I decided to put this into good use and I started interning for different brands in Ghana. In 2015, I decided to start my own brand.”

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: November 5, 2022


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