[Answers] How well do you know African wildlife?

Nduta Waweru January 01, 2018
  1. What is the name of the most dangerous snake in Africa? Black Mamba
  2. One of these animals kills most people in Africa. Hippo
  3. Africa’s big five consists of the Buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion, leopard
  4. I live in so many different parts of Africa, have eight subspecies, differing in coat pattern and have a number of horns. What animal am I?     Giraffe
  5. The sitatunga, a species of African antelope mostly found in central Africa is capable of sleeping Underwater
  6. Where is the largest zoo in Africa located? South Africa
  7. All these animals can be found in the continent except: bears
  8. They call me the ‘camel bird’ because I can withstand high heat levels. Who am I?Ans: Ostrich.
  9. In the past month, all these animals have attacked humans, except one.  Snake
  10. The coats of arms of these African countries have birds on them except: Ghana

Last Edited by:Nduta Waweru Updated: June 9, 2018


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