At 17, homeschooled Carson Huey-You becomes youngest student to receive Master’s Degree from TCU

Mohammed Awal June 11, 2020
Photo credit: Louis Deluca/The Dallas Morning News/ AP

Carson Huey-You is a history-making 17-year-old genius, who just became the youngest student ever to receive a master’s degree from the Texas Christian University (TCU).

Homeschooled Carson left high school eight years early at the tender age of 10. He was just 11 when he began studying physics, as well as maths and Chinese at TCU. 

Huey-You was doing algebra by the age of 5, according to his parents. At age 10, he scored a near-perfect 1,770 on his SAT exams. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics degree at the age of 14.

“Outside of just school and academia, I’m really just a normal 17-year-old kid. I like playing video games, I have a dog, I have my brother at home, so, we have fun,” Huey-You said. 

Huey-You is planning to go back to TCU for his Ph.D., saying: “For me, I like physics and science in general because you get to understand the how and why of just a number of different subjects.

“So really, just kind of digging into that rabbit hole and figuring out what’s going on behind equations or systems or whatever it is you’re trying to solve.”

Huey-You’s younger brother 14-year-old Cannan also enrolled at TCU majoring in electrical engineering, Fox 4 News reported. Cannan said he wants to one day be an astronaut.

Physics and astronomy professor, Magnus Rittby, who has been mentoring the brothers is wowed by their academic acumen. 

“They were shorter, but they were almost equally smart as they are now, so I had to kind of equally assess if they were ready to go to college. There is no limit. Not even the sky,” Rittby said. 

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