Black NFL draft pick player hailed for saving girl from being raped while in college

Francis Akhalbey May 02, 2019

Good deeds and acts of kindness do not definitely go unnoticed over time and the story of how San Francisco 49ers fifth-round pick Dre Greenlaw prevented his then college mate from being raped after her drink was spiked by someone at a college party when they were freshmen is a testament to that.

On the day Greenlaw, who attended the University of Arkansas, was drafted, Twitter user Gerry Dales shared how the 21-year-old linebacker made sure his helpless daughter wasn’t taken away by a stranger that day.

“Dre Greenlaw was drafted in the 5th round by the SF 49ers. I want to tell you a little story about him,” he started.

“My daughter went to a college party when she was freshman. She knew very few people at the party, and also didn’t have a ton of experience drinking. Someone slipped something into her drink when she wasn’t paying attention,” he continued, adding that Greenlaw knew her daughter from high school but did not know who the guy who was all over her was.

“And when that guy tried to steer my daughter out the front door, he stopped the guy and said “she’s not going anywhere.””

Fearing Greenlaw could land in trouble as he was not supposed to be at the party because he was a sportsman, Dales said he did not talk about the incident to protect Greenlaw.

“He was a starter on the Razorbacks. His place was not secure. He was underage and at a kegger. He wasn’t drinking, but if there was a fight he was risking getting thrown off the team. In some ways, he was risking everything,” he wrote.

“And he risked it for my daughter. The guy backed down, and no one saw him again. No one at the party seemed to know who he was, and my daughter and her friends never saw him again.

“I didn’t ever tell this story, because maybe someone would say “oh, he shouldn’t have been at that party.” Maybe not. But he had my daughter’s back, and for that I will always owe him. So, do me a favor. Root for Dre. He’s a good kid with a good heart,” he added.

Greenlaw, who subsequently liked and retweeted a handful of the tweets replied the tweet.

“I don’t know the guy but She was asking for my help and I could tell something was wrong. She was always nice to me in school!,” he wrote.

“Me and ur daughter was great friends at FHS, sorry how it all turned out but I made sure she got back to her friends and that she was ok,” he added. “I remember her calling me the next day and she was telling me how she was in the hospital. She’s my dawg of course I’d look out for her.”

In an interview with People about the incident, Dre said the lady “needed help that night and I was just looking out for her when I saw her.”

“I just know I instantly stopped having fun and paid her my full attention,” said Greenlaw. “People were trying to get at her, but I called her friend and stood with her until she came.”

“She wasn’t in the best state and at first, maybe I thought she was drunk, but then she told me she needed help and that somebody might have put something in her cup… then I realized she really needed help.”

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: May 2, 2019


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