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BY Abu Mubarik, 4:00pm February 09, 2023,

Black woman founder unveils world’s first two part charging system portable device

Kyla Wilkinson's invention. Photo credit: Sparkee

In the past, women were regarded as unfit for science and technology. Nonetheless, certain women made discoveries and their inventions have become a legacy contributing to the advancement of science and technology.

Black women have been at the forefront of some of these inventions. For instance, Marie Van Brittan Brown is credited to have invented the first home security system. Ellen Eglin pioneered and invented a mechanical clothes wringer for washing machines. Sarah Boone invented an improved iron board. Judy Reed invented an improved version of rollers for mixing and kneading dough and Mary and Mildred Davidson patented the sanitary belt.

Today, several women are standing on the shoulders of these women to come up with more inventions to make the world less complex. One such woman is Kyla Wilkinson. She is the founder of Sparkee, a black-woman-owned technology company. The company has announced the launch of its Sparkee puck. It is the first mobile charging puck and base combo that enables users to charge three devices simultaneously using NFC and USB-C charging ports.

According to a press release, the puck recharges itself when placed onto the base, allowing for two full charges while on the go.  

“A cleverly located USB-C on the Sparkee charging puck allows traditional cord charging and/or multiple devices to be powered simultaneously,” the release added. “Perfect for digital nomads, remote workers, and daily commuters, Sparkee’s innovative design gives users double the power anywhere they go.” 

According to Wilkinson, the world has become more reliant on tech devices and it was time to bring innovation to the charging experience. In this regard, she came up with her innovation following her unsuccessful search for an aesthetically pleasing product that would charge her mobile devices without taking up too much space.

The product was released on Kickstarter and it is now available for pre-order. At a recent show in Las Vegas, event-goers had the chance to view and use the device ahead of its launch.

“The Sparkee charger is a revolutionary solution that combines the convenience of portability with bold, fashionable colors and a low profile to fit today’s modern aesthetic. Sparkee is Mag-safe compatible for Apple phones and has an additional disc for Android phone cases, making it compatible with any phone brand,” the release said.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: February 9, 2023


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