Burundi’s first lady praised after releasing song against men who abuse women over infertility [VIDEO]

Theodora Aidoo October 28, 2019
Burundi’s first lady Denise Nkurunziza releases song. Photo: YouTube

Burundi’s first lady Denise Nkurunziza has released a song raising awareness to end violence against women.

The song titled ‘Umukenyezi Arengeye Kuvyara Gusa’ meaning ‘A Woman is More than Just Giving Birth’ speaks against abusing women physically and verbally for failing to bear a child.

The first lady’s music video has been attracting commendation from many on social media since its release.

Married to President Pierre Nkurunziza since 1994, Denise, through her lyrics, said that women are capable of much more than just being called mothers. She urged husbands to fully support their wives.

According to her, infertility affects both couples. “Fertility involves two people and infertility should not be a source of conflict,” she sings.

Born at Gatsinda, Mwumba District of Ngozi province in the northern part of Burundi on December 1, 1969, Denise has been a Burundian minister since 2006 and First Lady of Burundi since 2005. Her official title is “Her Excellency Reverend Pastor Denise Nkurunziza.’

She’s reportedly the only ordained minister currently serving as the first lady of any African nation. Denise and her husband, Pierre, have five children together.

Apart from being a minister and the first lady of Burundi, she’s also an ambassador of Merck Foundation and apparently, Denise has created this song to support Merck Foundation’s “Merck More Than A Mother” campaign.

Denise, who runs a foundation called “Buntu”, recently got an award in New York as a woman who has positively influenced the Burundian society and who is an actor of change throughout her foundation.

Burundi’s first lady praised after releasing song against men who abuse women over infertility [VIDEO]
Pic Credit: denise-nkurunziza.com

Although Denise has sometimes featured in religious tracks featuring a church choir, this is her first-ever song and video.

The video clip opens with a scene of a wife welcoming her husband home and inviting him to eat dinner, only to be physically abused.

49-year-old Denise is seen in the video walking into the childless couple’s sitting room to intervene. She explains in the video: “You only know for sure about infertility after seeing the doctor. Infertility can happen to men or women.”

Watch the four-minute music video:

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