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Check out these incredible paintings by Desmond Blair, the artist born without hands

Desmond Blair

Born without hands, Texas man Desmond Blair spent much of his childhood in the hospital. Without fingers, he decided to learn to write by trying with his feet before moving to his mouth.

Soon, he realized that he could use both hands to accomplish any task he could think of. At school, church, and in his neighborhood, he was the only one with a limb difference.

But this didn’t deter him from pursuing his dream to be an artist. Today, leading a brush with his left arm and supporting it with his right, Blair creates portraits that are so real and authentic that everyone would love to have a feel of them.

The 32-year-old with a degree from University of Texas at Dallas works as a project manager at Scottish Rite Hospital, managing the IT systems. The little time he gets outside work, he paints.

Blair hopes that his paintings will inspire others “to look beyond the surface to see what’s truly underneath.”

Check out some eye-catching paintings from Blair below:






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