Chris Rock’s slap wasn’t about me – Jada Pinkett Smith drops another bombshell

Stephen Nartey October 17, 2023
Photo: Instagram/jadapinkettsmith

The mystery surrounding the real motive behind Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars keeps getting murkier by the day. In another explosive bombshell, Jada Pinkett Smith has clarified that she was not the reason behind Will Smith’s infamous slap at Rock at the 2022 Academy Awards.

She refuted claims that she played a role in Will Smith’s Oscar night slap of Rock. At the 2022 Academy Awards, Will Smith slapped Rock in response to a joke about Jada’s appearance due to her alopecia. Rock likened her to “G.I. Jane” due to her bald head, which she had revealed was a result of her battle with alopecia.

Viewers had speculated that Jada signaled Will with a disapproving eye roll, but she dispelled this notion on Steven Bartlett’s podcast, emphasizing that she had no involvement in the incident and even suggested that Rock had avoided the slap.

She humorously downplayed the idea of her influencing Will’s actions, saying, “Even if it was [a signal], I can’t force Will to do anything!”

She said she held the expectation of being blamed for the Oscar night incident, stating that she knew it would cause a significant controversy, according to the Daily Mail.

When asked if she viewed Will’s actions as an act of love, Jada disclosed that she had been separated from Will at the time of the incident and described the moment as really complicated and complex. She was uncertain whether Will’s actions amounted to an act of love. According to her, she viewed it from the perspective of a yes and no angle, indicating that it was Will’s way of responding to the situation, but it went beyond their personal dynamics.

But, Jada insisted that the Oscar’s incident was not about her, adding that it involved broader factors and emotions. She explained that the other factors at play included the release of Will’s film “Emancipation” and the deep history between him and Chris Rock.

Jada recently disclosed that she and Will had quietly separated seven years ago and have been living apart. In the conversation, she revealed that during their separation, she felt resentment towards Will, as she believed she had been disregarded in the pursuit of his dreams.

She attributed the issues in their relationship to differences in their love languages and her mistaken belief that she would find happiness through Will instead of within herself. She described Will’s love language as centered around providing material security and working hard to fulfill her needs. In contrast, her own love language focused on emotional connection and the desire for his presence and affection, rather than material wealth. Their relationship dynamics were influenced by these distinct love languages.

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