Daring move as man grabs plane PA system to propose to girlfriend mid-flight

Stephen Nartey April 18, 2024
Photo via: TikTok/confijewel

It may come across as daring and perhaps unconventional, but, that was the approach an unknown man onboard an Air Peace flight adopted to propose to his girlfriend.

In a video that is circulating on TikTok, the man is seen using the Nigerian airline’s PA system to invite his intended fiancé to “come out” of her seat and “say yes” to him.

The magical moment took an interesting twist when he disclosed that his girlfriend’s name was “Precious”, a name that holds sentimental value for him, and he would love for her to join him and say “yes” to his proposal.

The heartwarming proposal, which was filmed by a friend, elicited jubilant cheers from fellow passengers and moved viewers to tears, as reported by Daily Mail.

The unidentified passenger, brimming with joy, began his tender declaration: “She’s so precious and her name is Precious.”

“Please, my Precious I want to ask, will you marry me?”

The man had to pause intermittently as the enthralled crowd couldn’t contain their excitement, erupting into screams and whistles. He continued: “If you will, just come out and say ‘yes’ to me my precious.”

In a scene reminiscent of a movie, he gently placed the handset down and made his way down the aisle toward his eagerly waiting partner. Seated passengers expressed their awe with “ooohs” and “awwwws,” while some recorded the unforgettable moment on their phones.

As he paused halfway, seemingly anticipating his fiancée’s arrival, the cheers escalated into thunderous applause. However, the clip concluded before viewers could meet Precious, prompting calls for a follow-up video to complete the heartwarming story.

Responding to requests, the friend shared an updated post revealing Precious embracing her newly engaged fiancé in the center of the plane shortly after the proposal. With her head lowered and resting on his shoulders, Precious seemed to be concealing tears.

Amidst the supportive atmosphere, a passenger encouraged them to seal the moment with a kiss, urging, “Kiss him! Kiss him now!’ Following the advice, the couple leaned in for a tender embrace and a lingering kiss and hug.

Amidst shouts of “yayyyy,” the newly engaged couple walked towards the front of the plane, greeted by cheers from the crowd.

The video has garnered widespread attention, with responses ranging from admiration to one woman describing it as “beautiful.”

Another added: “See me crying like a baby.”

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