Cheers erupt as 4-year-old girl rings bell to mark end of cancer treatment: ‘Nothing can stop you’

Dollita Okine April 25, 2024
4-year-old Kataleya rang the bell with excitement to celebrate the end of her cancer treatment. Photo Credit: MillerChildrens

4-year-old Kataleya rang the bell with excitement to celebrate the end of her cancer treatment. The girl was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma at age 3, and at such a young age, she had to endure chemotherapy and a 16-hour operation.

Kataleya’s arm pain prompted the diagnosis, according to her mother, who spoke to GMA. Ewing sarcoma is a tumor that develops in bone or soft tissue. According to the National Cancer Institute, teens and young adults are the age groups most frequently diagnosed with the illness.

In a pink crown, Kataleya marched down a pink carpet to ring the bell, signaling the end of her treatment, amid the cheery morale and encouragement of the doctors, nurses, and staff of the MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital in Long Beach, California.

She turned back to the helpful employees and grinned broadly at them. The hospital posted images of Kataleya to social media with the following statement: “4-year-old Kataleya recently rang the bell of remission to celebrate the end of her cancer treatment. Kataleya was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a cancer that occurs in the bones or soft tissues and underwent chemotherapy treatments with our Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Institute team. She was able to celebrate the end of chemotherapy with the help of our Child Life team, @handelslongbeach and her family. Kataleya loves to play with Barbies, slime and loves cotton candy and unicorns..”

Since then, several comments have been made on the video, praising the four-year-old and the medical personnel who looked after her. One commenter said, “Congratulations little warrior! Continue to be brave and continue to show the world that nothing can stop you!” 

Another found encouragement in Kataleya’s victory, expressing hope in her own child’s recovery, saying, “I am so happy I saw her admitted to the hospital at the same time as my child. I believe in God that the day will come when my child also rings the bell.”

On Instagram, Little Wishes, a group that grants children’s desires while they are in the hospital, also commemorated Kataleya’s cancer treatment’s conclusion by posting, “She endured many long hospitalizations requiring rigorous chemotherapy and a 16-hour limb salvage surgery.  Kataleya received many little wishes along the way, but this celebration was our favorite by far.”

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