Did you know White people were originally Blacks? Here’s why they lost their pigmentation in an Ice Age

Earliest White Man via 'Triumph of Melanin' documentary

For those who have observed the aggression of the Caucasian against melanated people or people of African stock but cannot figure out why, there is startling underlay.

Given that archeological digs on the African continent, Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas keep exposing remains of humans with African ancestry as well as bust with Africoid features, it’s beyond doubt that the African is the first global citizen. It also makes the continent the cradle of mankind.

The earliest civilizations from Europe came from lands or countries such as Greece, Rome (Italy), then subsequently Portugal, Spain, English, Russia and the Americas. Even with these earliest European states, unbiased scholars from these states acknowledge the advanced civilizations of melanated people such as Egypt then called Kemet, Ethiopia, Sudan and later the Mali, Ghana, Songhai empires.

Did you know White people were originally Blacks? Here's why they lost their pigmentation in an Ice Age

In film producer and author, Tariq Nasheed’s ‘Hidden Color 2- The Triumph of Melanin’ documentary, educators and historians Umar Johnson, Dr. Booker T. Coleman, Dr. Phil Valentine and Prof. James Small make a case for melanin.

Melanin is a neurochemical produced from the pineal gland. It is responsible chiefly for the dark colour of Africans. It is regarded as playing a part in the intellectual propensity of the African. The early Greeks were in no doubt as to melanin playing a role in how Africans developed some of the sciences they are noted for.

The pineal gland shaped like a pine cone is black. Even the eggs of the female and the semen of a man are layered with melanin such that when there is a meet, there is an explosion resulting in a fetus which then leads to the formation of the brain and nervous system.

The abundance of melanin in African people allows them to access an energy others can’t. It is what Blacks call soul. The way of movement, dance and talking is all different.

Did you know White people were originally Blacks? Here's why they lost their pigmentation in an Ice Age
Melanin as an energy and intelligence which enables Blacks to have a communication module with the universe in how they give and receive light and sound.

While white people also have the pineal gland to produce melanin, theirs is calcified (not shown to have clinical utility), because of the ‘wurm glaciation’ or ‘wurm ice age’ which happened in Europe blanketing the land mass with ice which lasted some 10,000 years.

Prehistoric Africans called the Grimaldi but also Neanderthals, Paleolithic men, Mesolithic or Neolithic, Cro-Magnons and Aurignicians are regarded as the first to populate continental Europe.

The Grimaldi people, anatomically modern human beings of the West African typology established the Aurignacian cultures, bringing the first indications of cultural thoughts and rites into Europe. They were Black Africans with very little body hair, black and smooth skin; they had the facial features typical of West African forest dwellers. They had kinky hair too. They arrived in Europe 40,000 to 50,000 years ago.

It is key to realise that the first Africans to come to the land mass called Europe predates those to be called Caucasians later by some 20 to 30 thousand years, making the Africans aboriginals of Europe.

Did you know White people were originally Blacks? Here's why they lost their pigmentation in an Ice Age

 So how did Caucasians or white people emerge?

It was a matter of survival for the prehistoric Africans when the ice age came. Those who shed their melanin survived, while those who couldn’t died.

Scientists reckon ice ages happen when climate flip-flops between “glacial periods” and “interglacial periods.”

While glacial periods last tens of thousands of years with colder temperatures, ice also covers more of the planet while on the other hand, interglacial periods last only a few thousand years with the climate conditions similar to those on Earth today.

In Africa, the production of vitamin D for the bones requires sunshine, however, since the sun shines nearly every day, the body produces melanin to shield the body from excessive exposure to avoid cancers. But in Europe there was little sunshine and excessive snow, the melanin prevented the few sun rays that exited from passing through the skin for the vitamin D production.

Did you know White people were originally Blacks? Here's why they lost their pigmentation in an Ice Age

The vitamin D deficiency led to fractures, disabilities and premature deaths. Blooded animals undergo de-pigmentation in the absence of light and warmth so if there were no Ice Age in Europe, the people would have remained Negroid/Black.

One proposition holds that the change from Black to pale Europe occurred as a result of miscegenation between the modern Africans arrivals in Europe and the primordial Neanderthal which had originally come from Africa. It should be noted that the primordial human Neanderthal (physiologically and intellectually) said to be among the ancestors of Europeans and Caucasians, also came from Africa to Europe about 80,000 years ago. Thus, the Neanderthal, which had apparently been forced to Europe from out of Africa, was also of the African genotype.

Some theories suggest that Neanderthals (who were originally black as all original Africans) later became pale-skinned and retained excessive body hair due to genetic selection responding to the need to adapt to the cold and darkness of Ice-Age Europe.

Did you know White people were originally Blacks? Here's why they lost their pigmentation in an Ice Age

The modern day Europeans are the products of interbreeding between these mutated pale skin Neanderthals (i.e. mutated non modern-human Africa) and the later arriving modern Black Africans of 40,000 -10,000 years ago i.e. the Grimaldis.

Despite the history and evidence, European scholars couldn’t accept they were the paler brothers and sisters to the African so began race conferences chiefly from the 1920s forming new narratives including claiming the roman twins Romulus and Remus were nurtured by their progenitor, a she-wolf.

American physicians had claimed the pineal gland was a residual organ-calcified as they found in dead white soldiers, however, the Vietnam War of the late ‘60s and ‘70s revealed something they could not ignore.

The war claimed the lives of many Africa-Americans but when their dead bodies were open for autopsy before being sent to the Dover Air Force Base where physicians soon realised while 70 to 80% of the dead white soldiers did not have an active pineal gland their African-American counterparts, still had a functioning pineal gland organ even after death. The discovery led to them rewriting their note on the pineal gland.

Did you know White people were originally Blacks? Here's why they lost their pigmentation in an Ice Age

While Blacks suffer violence at the hands of Caucasians all over the world and police killings go on unabated in the U.S, it is important to note that such violence is not visited on melanated people out of just envy for being the ancient humans, but also out of doubt for their genetic survival.

The critical question is which genetic pool will survive the earth 1000 years from now?

There is minus birthrate in Europe and America while African populations increase in number thanks to high births.

The Caucasian has taken artificial insemination seriously opening labs to help their people birth to fight for survival so they don’t die off. Another way is by infusing a good dosage of melanin into their blood line through the adoption of Black babies. There is also the legal and illegal harvesting of black body parts or organs said to have led to an increase of missing Black males and females.

The race to survive can also explain the economic, military, industrial, spiritual, medical attacks against Africans on the continent and diaspora as well as the Prison Industrial Complex which locks up Blacks in America for the pettiest of offences.

Last Edited by:Kent Mensah Updated: October 27, 2019


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