Donald Glover reveals he got married and went back on set for ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ that same day

Francis Akhalbey February 08, 2024
Donald Glover revealed he got married and went back to work the same day -- Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Donald Glover recently made it known you can actually have a quick wedding and then go to work that same day. The award-winning rapper and actor in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter revealed he and his wife Michelle White made time to tie the knot on the same day he had to go on set for the Mr. & Mrs. Smith Prime Series.

“Yeah. There was a day where I don’t think we had to be on set until noon or 1, so, I was like, ‘Can we get married today?’ I got married in the morning,” the 40-year-old revealed. “We had a real wedding afterwards, too. [That night, though,] we went to our favorite restaurant and then her parents and my mom were waiting for us at the house.”

Glover had told The Hollywood Reporter seven years ago that he did not believe in marriage, explaining at the time that it “doesn’t serve the purpose I would want it to serve.” Asked what made him eventually have a change of mind, the Atlanta actor stated that he initially did not know what he was getting out of it. 

“I felt like I knew what she was getting out of it, and I didn’t feel like she was being honest, necessarily, about what she was getting out of it. I was thinking about it in such a silly way, which I see now,” he stated.

“Now I realize, yeah, maybe she’s gaining some stuff, but she’s also losing a lot of stuff. And we eventually had an honest talk and she was like, ‘I’m a traditional woman.’ And when she said that, some part of me was like, ‘And I want to help you be that.’”

The This is America rapper added: “Whatever she needs me to be, that makes me happy. Especially nowadays, finding trust is so hard, and the fact that we have this and that we can even argue about it and still be like, ‘But I love you’ — I mean, how many people have that?”

Glover also touched on the essence of marriage. “It’s a very romantic thing to be like, ‘Oh, I can be your knight in shining armor and you’re letting me, you’re being vulnerable for me.’ And we just kept talking about those kinds of things on this show because we were all getting married. Fran, too. It’s funny, in the Atlanta writers room, we were all anti-marriage,” he stated.

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