Entrepreneur Valaurie Bridges Lee investing $1m to acquire properties in Atlanta’s south side

Abu Mubarik October 29, 2020
Valaurie Bridges Lee, CEO and President of VB Consulting: Photo Credit: VB Consulting

Valaurie Bridges Lee is the CEO and President of VB Consulting, an IT software consulting company based in the United States and Canada. She recently made a big investment move by joining other black business owners to acquire properties in Atlanta’s south side, specifically College Park.

The move was purely driven by her passion to create other entrepreneurs like her and to revive College Park, which is a well-known community in Atlanta. Born in Tuskegee, Alabama and raised in Atlanta, Valaurie intends to make her latest acquisition the most sought after destination.

Valaurie is set to open up a number of businesses at College Park to take advantage of the community’s growing youthful population. The businesses will be operated under the parent company, Building Bridges Holding Company (BBHC).

The first of her upcoming businesses to be located at College Park this year is a Spa and Fitness Studio called The Wellness Spot (TWS). The 4,000 sq. ft. facility slated to open in the fall will offer a full suite of spa-based offerings including pedicures, manicures, massages and relaxation services.

Her second venture is an event space called The Basement which is situated beneath a neighborhood boutique. The purpose of the Basement is to serve as a place for entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas, host fundraisers, pop-up shops, or other events to help build their businesses.

“Not everyone has the capital to jump right into a storefront,” Lee said this August, according to Black Business. “But that doesn’t mean their idea won’t work. The Basement is a place where folks can try things out and learn from their experiences. I would have certainly benefited from something like this when I launched my first business.”

The third company on Valaurie’s block is VB Consulting, an IT software consulting company established in 2002. VB Consulting specializes in assisting colleges and universities with software implementations as well as IT support services. The headquarters for VB Consulting Inc also houses Lee’s philanthropic organization, BVB Foundation. The foundation offers grants, scholarships and mentorship for minority women.

Asked why she is buying blocks in Atlanta, the serial entrepreneur said: “I love Atlanta and College Park. Born in Tuskegee, Alabama and raised in Atlanta, I also choose to raise my children here, and it is where I want to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs like me. That is why I bought most of this block and why I’m making it somewhere we can all enjoy.”

Before establishing VB Consulting 18 years ago, Valaurie worked for Waste Management, Oracle (PeopleSoft), and IBM. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia where she received a BA in Journalism and Public Relations. She also obtained her Master’s Degree in Management Technology from Kennesaw State University.

She is a recipient of the Woodward Academy Distinguished Alumni Award for business success and contribution to the school.

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