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BY Abu Mubarik, 5:00pm April 12, 2023,

Entrepreneur with autism launches own pretzel business after being denied a job due to his condition

Marcus Moore. Photo credit: cbsnews

When 29-year-old Marcus Moore was denied a management job because of his autism condition, he decided to invest his energy into becoming his own boss, leading to the establishment of his pretzel business called Moore Crunch.

Prior to starting his own business, Moore worked at local grocery stores in previous years, but he had always had the passion and desire to not only grow, but to also own a business, according to WSAZ 2 News.

“I know some jobs may not offer those supervisor positions, manager positions, because with autism I may lack some of those leadership skills,” Moore told WSAZ.

The decision to start a snack business was influenced by his parents. According to his father, Walter Mills, the entrepreneur came home one day quite upset as he inquired from his parents if what he made for a living was enough to take care of him as an adult.

After thinking through how much their son loved snacks, they urged him to start his own pretzel business, and Moore wasted no time in doing so. Since the launch of his business, Moore has sold more than 600 bags of pretzels.

“Just to see how people have embraced him — the social life that he never had, and the opportunities that he never really had growing up, they’re coming to him now,” Mills said.

His father has been his biggest supporter, since tasting his snacks. “Being a father is one of the most amazing experiences I think anyone could ever ask for. Being a father of an autistic young man has its challenges,” Moore’s father said. “But you’re always there for your child.

“You never stop fighting. You never stop loving them. You never stop pushing for them. And to see Marcus just push through and find something that he loves and for people to embrace him is one of the most incredible experiences any dad could ever ask for.”

Following the success of his business, Moore is now exploring ways to expand to a bigger commercial kitchen and also hire other people with autism or disabilities to help him.

“Just helping to expand and show them how to do this gives them that chance and opportunity,” Moore said, adding that it feels great to be an inspiration to others.

For now, his pretzels are sold at Makers of Maryland in White Marsh, Crofton Farmers Market, Fells Point Farmers Market, and Eddie’s. Others include Tidal Salt in Sykesville, Mama Mish’s Homemade Dishes, Cheers and Spirits in Arnold, and a pop-up store.

Last Edited by:Annie-Flora Mills Updated: April 12, 2023


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