Ethiopian man jumps out of moving vehicle to save drowning 10-year-old child

Stephen Nartey October 10, 2023
Abdi Tufa/Photo credit: BBC

A young Ethiopian man named Abdi Tufa has been heralded as a lifesaver after he jumped from a moving bus and braved a flooded river to rescue a 10-year-old boy from drowning. Despite being hit by rocks and logs carried by the floodwaters from the highlands, he persisted until he reached and saved the boy named Riyad Nesru.

He revealed that he sustained severe injuries to his back and waist as well as a broken leg during the rescue. He is currently receiving medical treatment.

While traveling on a bus to Addis Ababa, Abdi was awakened by the distressed cries of villagers urgently seeking assistance to rescue 10-year-old Riyad from the imminent danger of drowning or being carried away by surging floodwaters, as reported by the BBC.

The young boy had become trapped in the flood while tending to his family’s goats in the town of Hirna, located 350km (220 miles) to the east of Addis Ababa. In a spontaneous and courageous move, Abdi decided to jump out of the bus window, surprising fellow passengers, and immediately entered the river to aid in the rescue effort.

He recalled that the child was in dire straits as he peaked through the bus window. According to him, seeing that nobody was taking action to save the boy, who was on the brink of drowning, he decided to step in and provide assistance.

Abdi is currently in the process of recuperating with the support of the boy’s family. Despite his injuries, which have left him unable to walk unaided, Abdi expressed his contentment at having successfully saved the boy’s life.

Riyad’s uncle described Abdi as an angel sent by God to rescue their child, emphasizing that Abdi’s heroism prevented a tragic loss. The family now regards Abdi as their eldest son and has committed to caring for him until he fully recovers.

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