Father of six who biked miles to work daily gifted with a car

Stephen Nartey September 27, 2023
Isaac Taylor/Photo credit: Live 5 News

When the family’s car broke down in an accident, the only option left for a father of six was to ride for hours to work. Isaac Taylor commuted to work by biking 16 miles roundtrip each day. After returning home, he is saddled with another burden of walking his young children to school.

For six months, he rode through the scorching sun in Sacramento. He explained that it was quite daunting working a 10-hour shift and meeting those family responsibilities. According to him, in all of those trials, he kept a positive outlook that enabled him to brace the storm. He viewed it as just another obstacle on his path to achieving greater success, emphasizing that he’s no stranger to adversity, according to ABC 17 news.

But, those troubled moments came to an end when Taylor received an unexpected gift of a fully paid 2019 Hyundai Elantra, beautifully restored and presented with a large green bow.

Overwhelmed with emotion, the father of six explained that he shed tears of joy after reflecting on the everyday struggles of commuting by bike every day before reaching this moment of newfound comfort and opportunity.

The gift was a result of the benevolence of Caliber Collision Roseville, Travelers Insurance, Family Promise of Sacramento, and the NABC Recycled Rides Program. Skilled technicians from Caliber Collision Roseville volunteered their expertise and time to restore the car.

A man whose history is marked with periods of homelessness, Taylor wondered what he had done extraordinarily to deserve such generosity. He recounted how he had to live in motels and churches with his youngest children. Though he had enjoyed some measure of success such as a recent promotion at his security job, it cannot be compared to the benevolence he has enjoyed from the community.

Family Promise, a non-profit organization, upon learning that Taylor was commuting to work on a bicycle, took the initiative by writing a letter in support of his nomination for a donated vehicle.

Taylor has since expressed his newfound sense of peace and gratitude for the kindness he encountered, emphasizing the existence of wonderful people in the world despite its challenges. Ecstatic about the experience of driving a new car, he shared the excitement of having to listen to music while heading to work.

He expressed a desire to pay forward this kindness to someone else in the future, describing his current state as living the dream and embracing his best life.

Caliber Collision, Caliber Auto Care, and Caliber Auto Glass have collectively donated over 500 vehicles to individuals and families in need, underlining their commitment to making a positive impact in their community.

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