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First Annual QHA Reception, Washington DC


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The primary focus of Quality Health Africa is to improve the quality of Africa’s Healthcare System. In order to achieve the success of this mission, QHA realized the need for global support and involvement.  Since its inception in 2013, QHA has gained international presence in Italy. With deep passion and understanding of this need, QHA Italy has become a major support system for the entire QHA organization. Spear headed by Elisabetta Guadagnoli, an accountant at Impresa ING. Galbiati, QHA Italy comprises of key participants including Antonella Orlando, the Photographer who created all the QHA souvenirs that are trending all over the US and Italy, and Elena Sala, the architect behind the QHA Hospital design.

On June 21st, 2014, after receiving permission from the local government of Monza, a city north of Italy, QHA held a fundraiser which created awareness on the need to support QHA’s mission. For a collaborative effort, the President of QHA joined in their persistent effort to raise awareness of this desperate need.

The 1st Annual QHA Reception, held in Washington DC on June 27th, brought together several young philanthropists from all over the world, including Italy and Canada, who were determined to restore the true value of Africa. During his speech, President and Founder Erwin Boateng, shared a story about the struggle his Aunt, Eva Bediako, went through before falling victim to breast cancer in 2010. Due to the lack of awareness, lack of medical supplies, passionate physicians, inadequate finances as well as many other factors, Eva’s daughter now yearns to one day become a doctor to improve the healthcare system in her homeland.


On Saturday June 28th, QHA members and guests who attended the reception went on a “Hike for Breast Cancer Awareness (HBCA)”, the newest initiative under Quality Health Africa. HBCA’s mission is to raise cancer awareness and community health education in the African communities in America. Most Africans in the diaspora become overly engulfed in pursuing the American dream whereby they neglect taking the proper precautions to check the state of their health. This initiative also encourages constant exercise and fitness, which is one of the key ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer and many other diseases.


It has been less than one year since QHA’s inception, however the perseverance and hard work of these young professionals who are deeply in love with reshaping and reviving of Africa has erupted a campaign all over America to unite and change the state of Africa’s Healthcare System. QHA’s sole mission is to improve the quality of Africa’s Healthcare System. Fulfilling this mission will require maximum unity and efforts from the entire Diaspora and the rest of the world.





















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