BY Nii Ntreh, 10:30am November 22, 2019,

Five Africans who have risen to become some of the most powerful people in European governments

Cécile Kyenge. Photo Credit: The Independent UK

In the interest of diversity and acknowledgement of the multitude of identities in the present world, certain European governments have moved to include African borns.

It is only fair that Europe is where this melting pot of identities should be most expected. Apart from the continent’s historical profiteering off African labour and resources, its people have the longest and most loaded connection with continental Africans.

Africans who have risen to high positions in European governments are still not spared the harshness that comes with anti-black racism. But in spite of that, they proudly represent the possibility of a place for people who look like them in a world that struggles to accept their humanity.

In recent years, these are some Africans – either first-generation Europeans or immigrants to Europe – who have occupied powerful positions in European governments.

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