Flood Threatens the Lives of Millions in Lagos, Nigeria

Azuka onye July 21, 2011

Flood Threatens the Lives of Millions in Lagos, NigeriaOne of the worst floods in Nigeria this year has claimed the lives of many, and has forced countless others to abandon their homes.

Muhammad Sani-Sidi, chief of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), is unable to give an exact estimate of the number of deaths or the degree of damage caused, but insists that they are increasing daily because of the flood.

Lagos, one of the largest cities in Africa, is most vulnerable because of its sub-par infrastructure and almost non-existent sewage system. Many people live in shanty houses that are no match for a flood of this magnitude.

Flood Threatens the Lives of Millions in Lagos, NigeriaNigerian government officials have asked people to work from home because the roads and highways are completely flooded. People are stranded because their vehicles have broken down. They can be seen wading through the water in attempts to reach safer ground.

In Nigeria, there is a period of months with heavy rainfall. Nigerians usually refer to this period as the “rainy season.” It usually lasts from April to around September. Officials have warned that this year’s “rainy season” will be particularly intense.


Source: allwestafrica.com
Photo: allwestafrica.com

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