Floods in Sudan kill over 100, leave thousands homeless and threaten 4th-century site

Nii Ntreh September 14, 2020
Floods in Sudan have left over 100,000 people homeless, killed more than 100 people and now threatens to destroy a very popular tourist attraction. Photo Credit: Globalnews.ca

Floods in Sudan over the last week have taken more than 100 lives, rendered over 100,000 homeless and now, reports say the water is threatening to destroy the famous 4th century Island of Meroe historical site.

According to Abdel-Hai Abdel-Sawy, the country’s head of archaeological exploration at the National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums, parts of the ancient Kushite city is now submerged in water.

The Associated Press reports that the destruction caused by the flash floods further exacerbates an economy already on its knees. The site that is now being threatened has been a major tourist attraction for Sudan.

The ancient city under threat

The kingdom of Kush in Nubia conquered a very weakened Egypt in the 8th century BC. Indeed, the 25th dynasty that ruled Egypt were Kushite monarchs until an Assyrian people took over Egypt.

Kush’s capital Meroe was the important city in Nubia, and by extent Sudan until the 4th century AD. By the time Meroe fell to the Axumites, Nubia was Christianized.

Situated in the middle of the northern Sudanese desert, Meroe was designed as a royal city for Kushite kings between the 8th century BC and 4th century AD. The “Island of Meroe” is known as such because of its nearness to the Nile River.

The site has pyramids in the famous Nubian style, characterized by steep slopes and tiny foundations.

Archaeologists say the pyramids were used as tombs thousands of years ago. Despite their dilapidated condition, these pyramids are still a sight to behold. If you are looking to have direct contact with the ancient ages, take a walk through these longstanding pyramids.

Now located some 120 miles from Sudan’s capital Khartoum, the wondrous ancient city could be washed away if the situation is not helped.

Sudan has meanwhile declared a national emergency and appealed for support.

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