BY Ama Nunoo, 1:00pm October 28, 2020,

Four stereotypes about Cuba that are false

Photo: Cuba sends doctors to South Africa to help fight the coronavirus Photo: EPA

Almost every country has certain stereotypes people ascribe to them. These stereotypes, which are often picked up from movies or just mere hearsays, may have an iota of truth while others are just mere generalisations.

Cuba has a long history with the rest of the world and the media usually presents the Spanish Caribbean nation through the lens of the U.S. foreign policy against the country.  

For about half a century, Western governments and free-market think tanks have had Cuba on their list of countries not worthy of emulating. The sanctimony of the Western classical liberal thought is now under severe test as the communist island continues to make international headlines for offering up its doctors in international service. 

Yet, Cuba is not a rich country nor is it a country embracing classical European liberalism. Indeed, Europeans and Americans, at least, those who are not interested in vacationing in Havana, think the least of Cuba.

For decades, U.S. embargoes have sealed opportunities for the Cuban people. The feat Cuba has reached as one of the countries with the highest literacy rates and production of doctors is shocking in view of what the U.S. has sought to prevent.

There are certain stereotypes people associate with Cubans and Face2Face Africa is here to debunk them.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: October 28, 2020


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