From inventing toothpaste to being a lover of beer, here are 10 facts about ancient Egypt you didn’t know

Michael Eli Dokosi October 28, 2019
Ramesses II alias Ramesses the Great. Photo: Thoughtco

Historians of ancient Egypt say that at least thirty-two pharaonic dynasties existed which saw some of the finest periods in Africa’s civilization.

Dynastic Egypt’s chronology is used to classify the 2,700-year-long list of royal pharaohs based on various sources, including documents translated into Greek and Latin, as well as, archaeological studies using radiocarbon and other techniques.

The primary source for thirty established dynasties, sequences of rulers united by kinship or their principal royal residence, is the 3rd century B.C.E. Egyptian priest Manetho. His entire work included a king-list and narratives written in Greek and called the Aegyptiaca (History of Egypt).

With the rise and fall of the Kemetic period now absorbed by Arabs in Egypt, there are a few curiosities which require some airing. Here are 10 to chew on.


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