Get to know some of the most popular meat delicacies in Africa and their local names

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We Africans surely don’t joke with our meat delicacies. Be it grilled, fried or steamed, just serve it with or without any sides and we’re good to go!

What is probably needed is just a chilled bottle of beer, wine, juice or any other preferred drink.

Recipes for meat delicacies on the continent differ from country to country. Even with grilled meat, which is one of the most popular and most patronized street foods, the spices and parts used, as well as, the methods of preparing and serving them are distinctively different.

In light of this, we share with you the recipes for some of the most popular meat delicacies on the continent and what they are locally called.

Suya (West Africa)

Arguably the most popular street food in West Africa, suya can be found at almost every bustling corner. Suya simply refers to grilled meat, beef, pork or chicken. Intestines, including tripe, liver, and kidney are also preferably grilled.

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The meat is typically seasoned with suya spice, which is a mixture of groundnut cake, ginger powder, cayenne pepper flakes, salt, and stock cubes. Suya is usually served with chopped onions and spicy hot powdered pepper.


Nyama choma (Kenya)

Nyama choma means “roasted meat” in Swahili. Goat or beef are usually the preferred choices. It is usually eaten with ugali (a maize meal) and kachumbari (vegetable salad).

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Nyama Choma


Braai (Southern Africa)

Braai in Afrikaans means to grill meat over an open fire. Braais typically involve grilling T-bone, sirloin, boerewors, rump, or fillet with charcoal.

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Seswaa (Botswana)

A national dish in Botswana, seswaa is prepared by boiling and pounding beef. Served at social gatherings, seswaa is eaten with pap (a maize meal).

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Mogodu (South Africa)

A popular Southern African delicacy, Mogodu is stew made with tripe.

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Kilishi (Nigeria)

Originating from Northern Nigeria, Kilishi, unlike suya, is dried in the sun. The meat is also boneless and the flavor and taste can remain even months after it has been grilled. Spices usually include peanut powder, ginger, garlic, onions, and other peppers.

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