Anas’ ‘Ghana in the Eyes of God’ Gets Nearly 30 Judges Suspended

Abena Agyeman-Fisher October 06, 2015

Ghana's Supreme Court JudgesGhanaian journalist and former lawyer Anas Aremeyaw Anas seems to have secured yet another win for the people of Ghana with the announcement that seven High Court judges and 22 lower court judges have been suspended following the release of his contentious documentary “Ghana in the Eyes of God, Epic of Injustice” two weeks ago, reports the BBC.


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In late September, Anas released his documentary, turning Ghana’s judiciary system on its head.

The documentary showed dozens of Ghana’s judges not only demanding bribes but also demanding sex from civilians.

As Face2Face Africa previously reported:

In perfect Anas style, he posed as a “friend” and/or “relative” of an accused individual for two years, while he offered presiding judges money — and even a goat — to ensure that his friend would receive a shorter sentence.

Twelve high court judges and 22 lower court judges would accept the bribes, with the crimes well-documented in the secretly filmed “Ghana in the Eyes of God.“

Judge Wood

And while the film, which has been filling movie houses in Accra and Kumasi, is no longer being shown due to a judge’s complaint, Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood (pictured) has declared a “prima facie case of stated misbehavior” against the judges, according to a statement from the Judicial Council.

In addition to the suspension, all of the judges will have to face an inquiry to determine their guilt, and whoever is found guilty will be fired from their positions.

The BBC adds:

Of the other five High Court judges implicated by the investigation – two have retired, another two are in court challenging it and one has been cleared as a case of mistaken identity.

Lawyers for 14 of the accused judges have denied the allegations and the High Court has dismissed their attempt to get the investigation suspended. The other accused judges have yet to comment in public.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas

A journalist for the last 15 years, Anas (pictured) has often sent his targets to prison with his unique approach and often damning evidence.

As Face2Face Africa previously reported:

Anas has taken journalism to an entirely new level with his innovative approach to breaking important stories.

In order to expose corruption, which he says is holding Africa back, Anas disguises himself for the stories and has been effective in taking down nearly all of his subjects.

To date, Anas’ real identity remains a secret, lending him an anonymity that allows him access in to the nation’s biggest scandals.

In his career, Anas has posed as the Father of a disabled child in order to expose how a particular herbalist was providing poison to parents who had unwanted children.

Just when the herbalist and his team were about to administer the poison to “his child,” which was actually a prosthetic baby he built over a number of months, Anas had the police arrest them.

And for his latest work, Anas says he has nearly 500 hours of video of the judges in compromised positions.

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