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Ghanaian policeman praised for fixing broken traffic light with his own money and helping the disabled

Etsey Atisu September 06, 2019 at 06:00 pm

September 06, 2019 at 06:00 pm | News

Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko has been embarking on self-imposed charity acts for physically-challenged persons in Accra |

A Ghanaian police officer has won the hearts of social media after videos of him undertaking a community service while on duty went viral.

The officer, Lance Corporal Simon Agbeko, stationed at the Accra Regional Command has, among other things, fixed broken traffic lights and donated wheelchairs to random physically-challenged persons on the streets.

ABC News reports that the officer has purchased canes and crutches as well for these people, some of whom he locates in various mosques and homes across the capital.

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Agbeko describes these charitable acts as a manifestation of divine directions from God, which he receives in his dreams.

Explaining his reason for embarking on such acts, while still in uniform, Agbeko explained that the few times he attempted going against these divine instructions, he was never able to accomplish certain tasks.

In photos sighted by, the policeman is seen actively helping in getting a traffic light fixed.

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This is after he had personally funded the fixing of one of the broken traffic lights in the city, providing the funding from his own salary, reports ABC News.

He has also appealed to authorities to fix broken lights in the city because of the dangers they pose to both motorists and pedestrians.


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