No sweatpants, baggy clothing – ‘Racist’ dress code at popular Sacramento bar sparks outrage

Theodora Aidoo September 09, 2019
Sacramento's popular bar, BARWEST Pic Credit: Facebook/mybarwest

A midtown Sacramento bar in California has come under criticism after publishing a new dress code.

The dress code, which is specifically for “after 10 p.m.” patrons, included ‘No Gang colors’, ‘No grills’, ‘No chains’, ‘No baggy clothing’, ‘No color t-shirts’ and ‘No sportswear.’

No sweatpants, baggy clothing - 'Racist' dress code at popular Sacramento bar sparks outrage
A midtown Sacramento bar has come under criticisms and alleged to be racist after it recently published new dress code. Pic Credit: facebook/ Kimi Parker

Although residents say they are used to the banning of certain kinds of shoes in Sacramento bars, some have described this new dress rule by the restaurant as discriminatory against African-Americans.

Known for its burgers, wings and nightlife, Bar West is one of the popular restaurants in Sacramento’s midtown.

Sonia Lewis, a Sacramento Black Lives Matter leader, described the sign as disappointing, especially since the chapter held weekly meetings at Barwest.

“How could they be taking steps backward was my first reaction,” Lewis said.

Many customers have reacted to this in different ways, especially after a certain Kimi Parker posted a picture of the dress code on her Facebook page saying “Sacramento makes me sick”. This sparked mixed reactions from many people on Facebook:

Watts L Tiffini wrote: “Why do you all KEEP wanting to give these racist bitches your money?! Stop trying to FORCE them to accept you! Let’s build our OWN shit! Rebuild Black Wallstreet!”

Vero Vero Jones wrote “Black people are not the only ones who do these things. This has nothing to do with a race. Good I’m not even mad Who wants this type of attention in their business. People may be mad at this but you get stereotyped when you dress and look a certain way and it brings certain unwanted attention.”

Jessica Lynn Dailey-Keithline said “Solid colours…Lord…this is the statement of someone caught discriminating”.

While some comments outrightly portray Barwest’s dress code as racist, others think it isn’t and some see it as a good step.

Claudia Perales-Hughes said “I ?% agree with Barwest! Nothing wrong with dressing sharp anyway & keep things in check “

In reaction to the controversies and backlash over the dress code, Barwest has said that the dress code is not new has purported. It has had a dress code for 7 years.

The bar noted that it was never their intent to have this kind of response as it only intended to provide a safe environment for guests.  

According to the bar, almost every nightlife establishment in America has a very similar dress code; normally they are much stricter, requiring guests to wear collared shirts and dress shoes.

The bar further published a statement on its Facebook page that read:

“We are a midtown bar that caters to the midtown community, college students and the business community. In keeping with the safety of our guests we work with law enforcement and state regulators to ensure a safe environment for our guests. This includes keeping up to date with gang trends and preventing violence within our establishment.

“Dress codes are a small part of creating an environment that our guest of all colors, ages and orientation feel safe and relaxed.

“It is our company policy not to discriminate against any guest. We just ask that our policies, that are enforced with safety in mind, are followed. We welcome any discussion with the community that ensures the safety of our guests.”

“We are a night club and eating establishment. At a certain hour of the day we ask our guests to come in attire that is appropriate for going out.

Last Edited by:Mildred Europa Taylor Updated: September 9, 2019


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