Grenada implements mandatory hour of prayer in schools to improve morals

Ama Nunoo January 06, 2020
Photo: Loop St Lucia

As a measure to improve the moral fabric of its society, the Ministry of Education in Grenada has instituted a mandatory hour of prayer at schools.

The ministry said in a statement last week that the hour of prayer will happen during the mid-morning period, Loop St Lucia reports.  

“The theme for the activity is: ‘Teach Me to Pray and to Understand the Power of Prayer’. It is expected that all schools, within the State of Grenada, will be engaged in prayer, simultaneously, from 9:30 am to 10:30 am,” the ministry said.

This is a well-thought out initiative by the Ministry of Education as it will collaborate with Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information to ensure the smooth running of the activity with the schools and their minister for religion.

This is how it is expected to unfold, a minister of religion, or any person duly designated to perform such duties will be allocated to each school to conduct the program.

“As part of the activity, prayers will be offered up for all members of each school family and the education system, as a whole. There will be time for reflection and meditation and for praise and worship,” the statement said.

It is easy to help children form good habits when they are steered in the right direction. Bad eating habits end up harming individuals when they are older and most of them manifest as obesity. Obesity is also the underlying factor for many diseases.

The hour of prayer is not the only initiative to help the children in their formative years. The schools are set to implement a new adjustment this new school year; a new nutritional policy.

The policy is to ensure the children make healthier snacking choices. It will ban the selling and consumption of soda and other sugary snacks on the premises of the schools and at any school-based event, Jamaica Observer reports.

Last Edited by:Kent Mensah Updated: January 6, 2020


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