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Here are five unique traditions only Zambians can understand

Ama Nunoo January 08, 2020 at 01:30 pm

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Names are carefully chosen in Zambia and the name selection process is very important to them. Generally, most children are named after a distinguished family member. There are peculiar names for twins.

For instance, in the Tumbuka tribe from eastern Zambia, twins have various names, Pashani and Mpyela (a surviving twin), Mulimba, Goli (first of twins) and Fulata (second of twins). A long-awaited baby girl is called Tombi. Children born after twins in the Bemba tribe from northern Zambia are usually named Chola.

The Tonga tribe from southern Zambia have a name for a child born after all boys or girls. The child will usually bear the name Mutina.

At times there are certain circumstances surrounding the birth of a child and through that occurrence the child derives his name. For example, In Luvale ‘Kahilu’ is the name for a child whose parents lost a baby before it was born. They believe the child is the reincarnated version of the baby they lost so Kahilu means ‘the one who returned.’


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