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Hey Siri, check this out; Insecure’s Issa Rae is the new voice of Google Assistant

Issa Rae is the new voice of Google's Google Assistant, Photo: CNN

Siri and Alexa have a new competitor, or do they? Google is experimenting with celebrity cameos for Google Assistant and we are here for it.

Days after Amazon’s Alexa publicized that Samuel L. Jackson will be its new voice, Insecure star Issa Rae also takes the reins as the new voice of Google Assistant.

Rae takes up the slot after singer John Legend had his time as Google Assistant’s voice for the celebrity limited-time voice cameos.

Rae is prepped to answer all your burning questions and the uniqueness of her voice that rightfully mirrors her bubbly personality can be heard on all Google enabled devices like Android, Google Home, IOS mobile and Smart TVs.

The star of HBO’s “Insecure,” Rae is poised for the new challenge but says it was a “pretty intensive process” that required hours of recording at the studio.

“Saying various sentences that did not make any sense” and “so many words that I have never ever pronounced before.”

“I’m just so used to reading them. So, you’re like, ‘Oh, I’ve never actually had to say this word out loud,'” she said. “It was unique. I’d never done anything like that before.”

In a CNN interview she admits being “intrigued” when Google wanted her to be the celebrity cameo for Google Assistant which she already uses anyway, a deal which she had had conversations about last year.

“I was in talks to do this last year and was just really intrigued, like, ‘What? They want my voice? Why?” She told CNN. “Then, you know, I realized that I use Google Assistant frequently anyway and just thought about how cool it would be to do.”

To activate Rae’s voice on Google Assistant just follow the instructions: “To switch to Issa’s voice, simply say ‘Hey Google, talk like Issa,’ or go to your ‘Assistant voice’ in Assistant Settings,” the site outlines.

“You’ll then hear Issa’s voice when you ask the Assistant for things like the weather forecast or for answers to questions like, ‘When’s the first day of winter?

“You’ll also hear Issa’s voice when you’re in the mood for a joke—or when you’re seeking motivation—so you’ll get a message of encouragement when you need it most. Try asking your Assistant, ‘Hey Google…”

This venture is new for the comedian, writer and producer because it’s entirely different from playing any character on screen. However, a very supportive Google team made her feel at ease throughout the process.

“I mean, you’re just always scared,” she said. “But, no, I was very much assured by the Google team that this was all in fun and several conversations were had to make me feel comfortable doing it.”

For fans of her hit series, Insecure, they can throw in a few questions about her love triangle with Lawrence and Daniel on the show and believe it or not, Issa would answer.

Issa’s voice will be available in only English and in the USA for a limited time so while it’s still here, Issa is pleased to be in our homes, cars and schools via our Google enabled devices as she tweeted about the partnership to her fans.

Though she admits she might seldom use the assistant, she will try it out at least once. The actress is very excited to lend a hand to its users.        

“I don’t know if I’ll use it consistently, but I definitely will try it out.”                           

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