How Myles Worthington built a multimillion-dollar marketing company after being fired from Netflix

Dollita Okine July 05, 2023
Despite initial skepticism, Worthington seized the chance and created Worthi from the ground up without the aid of investors, funding, or loans. Photo Credit: Instagram, Myles Worthington

After being fired from Netflix, Myles Worthington, an African American businessman from Southern California, founded Worthi, a market research firm with offices in Los Angeles that specializes in ethnography, communications, and content pertaining to understanding people and cultures.

Worthington’s company has expanded into a multimillion-dollar marketing agency since its founding in May 2022.

Although he had never run his own business, he had plenty of experience in the field. Prior to majoring in marketing at Fordham University, he was certain he wanted to continue in the field and was able to gain insights into PR, advertising, sales, and other areas under the renowned company run by Kimora Lee Simmons after landing his first significant internship with Baby Phat, according to Yahoo.

After building up his resume, Worthington was able to secure a position as a marketing executive at Netflix, where he made a big impact on the company’s social channels, including Strong Black Lead, Golden, Con Todo, and Most. He, however, noticed many internal changes taking place and anticipated having to take a different course soon after that.

“It’s funny, I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur. Never thought I’d start my own company,” Worthington told AfroTech. Starting a business wasn’t his primary goal, however, he was advised by his wife to do his “own thing.” Due to his preference for the layout of his biweekly check, he believed it to be absurd. Beginning on his own, in his view, would be unstable and lack security, according to Black Business.

In October 2021, he began contemplating the idea of venturing into entrepreneurship. Then, over the December 2021–2022 holiday break, he put it on paper.

Worthington inexplicably lost his job at Netflix in April 2022; however, Worthi had signed its first client, Peloton Interactive, with a $100,000 statement of work just before the layoff. Worthington formally launched Worthi four days after being let go; calling it “the most divine timing.”

Despite initial skepticism, Worthington seized the chance and created Worthi from the ground up without the aid of investors, funding, or loans. Today, Worthi is a prosperous multimillion-dollar company with clients like Paramount+, Lionsgate, and Peacock.

Worthington takes pride in giving his staff a secure working environment. He values diversity and has purposefully hired Black, Latina, and queer professionals.

The company currently has seven full-time employees. The young entrepreneur values the variety of viewpoints they bring to the group and is committed to doing meaningful work that benefits both his team members and his clients.

Worthi is currently working on the marketing for “The Color Purple” and “Good Burger 2,” according to Worthington.

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