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BY Abu Mubarik, 9:00am August 08, 2021,

How this CEO doubled her salary in 12 months after starting a wedding business sparked by her love story

Just Elope CEO Jennifer Allen. Image via Instagram/@iamjenniferallen

Jennifer Allen is the founder of Just Elope, an unconventional bridal business that has officiated over 80 weddings and married dozens of couples all over America. She founded the company in 2017 and has today more than doubled her income in one year.

She started the company following a surprise engagement with her boyfriend. According to her, she was left with no option than to find a wedding planner and the tipping point for her was the cold experience at the courthouse.

She told xoNecole: “Our experience at the courthouse was very cold and that right there is what made me say, ‘OK, something has to be different. It can’t be either go to City Hall or run off to Vegas. There has to be a medium that can be met.'”

Eventually, Allen filled the void she saw in the bridal industry. According to xoNecole, it was not until Allen tied the knot that she decided that planning a wedding wasn’t half lucrative as launching a business.

Narrating how Just Elope was born, she said: “One day, I was sitting in my living room, and it just clicked: ‘Girl, let it go.’ Stop trying to force this. Stop trying to plan a way to spend additional money––you need to figure out a way to make additional money.”

After conceptualizing her business idea, Allen did not hold back. She hit the ground running by designing a marketable brand and portfolio from scratch. In no time, Allen and her husband Tavarous started recording a significant number of clients who were interested in their services.

She told xoNecole that she had more than doubled her salary and attributes her success to her ability to say “Nah.” According to her, it was practically impossible to please everyone. It is also one of the most valuable lessons she has imbibed.

“When we first started, I was chasing the money,” she said. “But I quickly realized that the money is going to come as long as you are consistently putting out quality work and I could not put it out quality work and be my best self if I was not consistent in what the services were that I offered.”

Another thing that worked for the mother of two is creating boundaries for both herself and her business. This allowed her to have time for her family and her business. “I set those boundaries and I got the confidence, that’s the key, is getting the confidence to stick to your boundaries. My business flourishes so much because these are the rules,” she said.

For now, Jennifer runs her business part-time. She still works full time in order to make enough to cater to her family.

“Working full-time for me has allowed me to, number one, not be a slave to my business––in the sense of chasing the money, having to take on any and everybody because I jumped out there too quick. It has also allowed me to start building up that emergency fund.”

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