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How this entrepreneur made $1 million in just nine hours


Meet Blakk Tatted, he is the founder and CEO of Blakk Smoke, a hookah brand created to give hookah smokers a more effective way to enjoy smoking without the harshness of nicotine or tobacco.

In recent years, smoking hookah has become popular in the United States though it has existed for over a hundred years. It has become the favorite of smokers owing to its countless flavors and serves as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products.

In January this year, Blakk Tatted launched and created On The Go Hookah Pens and sold millions of dollars of product. The Hookah pens offer a premium Blakk Smoke experience and are portable, personal, disposable, and discreet, and contain no nicotine or tobacco.  

“My two close friends along with my love and passion for hookah were the ultimate masterpieces that led to turning my dream into a reality and creating Blakk Smoke,” the young entrepreneur from New Orleans told The Tennessee Tribune.

According to the outlet, Blakk Smoke’s products are shipped from the warehouse and packaged and labeled individually. The business has four in-store employees and other warehouse workers for packaging.

Blakk Tatted got the money for his business from his social media earnings as an influencer for promotion companies. According to him, he realized his skits were putting money in the pockets of major corporations when he could be earning it for himself. He then started saving to create his company.

Blakk Tatted achieved instant success, hitting $1 million in just nine hours from his Blakk Smoke hookah brand. The success of his brand came on the heels of the FDA’s ban on Juul and other tobacco and nicotine-based vapes and similar devices. This paved the way for Blakk Tatted’s fruit-based hookah products.

Blakk Tatted transitioned from music to entrepreneurship. According to him, the switch was smooth for him because he enjoys making money. However, he was getting tired of making music and started canceling bookings.  

“But the ultimate thing that I always did, even when I was tired and wanted to relax, was light up a hookah,” he told Zenger News. “Me having a hookah brand is a luxury to me. It doesn’t feel like work, it doesn’t feel like a business. Yes, we all have our ups and downs when business gets hectic. But I love what I do. I passionately love this stuff. It was so easy for me to pick up on something I do on a day-to-day basis, versus having to give myself a pep talk, give myself the energy to do music and get booked to go dance to be the ‘Dip King.'”

Blakk Tatted said he hopes that Blakk Smoke will be operated by his sons Cardy’ae and Ca’hirey because they are the inspiration behind his desire to build a business empire. He wants to break the poverty circle in the black community and build generational wealth.

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