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Imagine a world with one-third being black, this is bound to happen by 2100 

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Did you know that 1 of 6 people on earth either live in Africa or are of African descent?

It has been estimated that by 2100, one-third of the world’s population will be African or people of African descent. This simply explains that, by 2100, one-third of the world will be black people with a population of 4 billion or more.

According to the United Nations Medium Scenario, by 2050, 1 out of 4 people will be from Africa or will be of African origin. Published every year, the United Nations population projections predicted in 1981 that the population of the world by 2100 will be around 10.5 billion, however the document published in 2017 raised the number to close to 11 billion people. This is probably due to the fact that the black race is rapidly increasing. This does not come as a shock because there are many interracial marriages and relationships that result in mixed race Africans.

The 2017 document also explains that despite the reduction of fertility of women of African descent to an average 4.5 children, Africans are still producing more children because most of its population are between the ages 15-49. The number of Africans dying has also drastically reduced to one out of four people. This is shocking as many deaths are reported day in and out.

Imagine a world with one-third being black, this is bound to happen by 2100 -photo-blackmeninamerica-

Africans and people of African descent can be found everywhere in the world. You are sure to find an African or a person of African descent in the oddest of places in this world. In modern times, the reason for this is what has been termed as Africa’s brain drain. People prefer to live in other parts of the world aside from Africa with the thought that life is easier in the western parts.

Despite the brain drain, there seems to be a return-to-Africa-campaign that seems to be bringing people home either to settle or to work. The spread of Africans around the world is however not a modern development.

One major reason for the vast spread of black people is the slave trade. Africans were taken to the Caribbean, the US and various parts of Europe to work with little to no choice but to make the new lands their home.

Africa is also the second largest continent in the world and the second most populous continent with a population of about 1. 2 billion people. The population of Africa is stated to be rapidly growing fast, rising from 140 million in the 1900s to close to a billion people in 2010.

With the recent dominance of the Black race in sports, business, entertainment, technology and education, we definitely can imagine the world with 4 billion black people.

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