Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” almost got this man behind bars

Francis Akhalbey November 20, 2018
Screenshot via TMZ

As funny as it may seem, this could have ended rather tragically for this Tennessee man. Speaking with TMZ, Davon Eddington shared how his neighbour called the police on him on domestic violence charges for just reciting a very popular lyric from Jay-Z’s hit song “99 problems”.

According to Eddington, he was at the backyard of his house having a beer and talking to his brother on the phone when they started discussing basketball star Lebron James’ move to the Los Angeles Lakers. As a fan of James, Eddington said his brother jokingly suggested he would automatically become a Lakers fan to which he said no.

“I love Lebron James absolutely but I’m not gonna become a Lakers fan overnight and he was like ‘You’re already a Lakers fan,’” He told TMZ in the video. “I was like, I got 99 problems and a b*tch ain’t one.”

After overhearing their conversation, the nosey neighbour decided to call the police claiming Eddington was physically assaulting his fiancée who was by the way taking her bath upstairs.

Unbeknownst to Eddington, he walked to the front of his house only to see the police with their guns drawn much to his surprise. He said another officer at the scene however intervened and deescalated the situation by admitting it was a false alarm.

The police subsequently apologized to Eddington and let him rightfully walk away a free man. He, however, claimed that was not the first hostile confrontation he had had with the neighbour.

In a police report obtained by TMZ, the police responded to the scene of the incident after the nosey neighbour called and told them he heard Eddington say he had “99 probs and this b*tch at one.”

Asked why the neighbour would do that, Eddington said: “I’ve never met the guy at all, so maybe he doesn’t want me in the neighbourhood.”

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