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Meet Electra Davis, the first African American entrepreneur to sell chemical-free hair color on Amazon

Electra Davis, Photo: Black Enterprise

As you take a walk down the subway, you might notice a few commuters spotting colored hair. You may feel the need to get yours colored as well because you want to try something different.

Or you have always wanted to experiment with hair color but without the necessary commitments. The bleaching, the special hair care to keep your tresses healthy and the added cost might also serve as a deterrent for many.

There is a big wave coming for the hair color industry and one industrious entrepreneur from Alabama, Electra Davis, has jumped on the color surfboard. Electra is offering hair color solutions with her hair colour line,  Mysteek Naturals.

Mysteek Naturals launched in 2017 is the first African American owned brand to sell chemical-free hair color products on one of the world’s busiest marketplaces, Amazon.

Hair coloring is very fashionable and there are a variety of colors available to choose from. Almost every leading cosmetic brand around has a hair color line and most of them have harsh chemicals that wear and tear the hair. Regardless of the effects the chemicals have on the hair, in the US about 75% of women color their hair for the aesthetics.

The hair color industry is estimated to hit $326 million by 2025, according to research.

“Women shouldn’t have to damage their hair just to get the colors that they want to wear,” Davis said. “I created ‘Mysteek Naturals’ to accommodate women who do not want use harsh chemicals and dye to achieve their desired looks.”

With the holiday season just around the corner, Davis selling her products on a prolific site like Amazon, which gets extremely busy during the season, with over 200 million customers worldwide could see her revenue multiplying rampantly. As compared to her initial revenue of $100,000 since inception, which is also quite impressive for start up like hers.

Speaking to Blackbusiness she said, “I chose to sell on Amazon because I needed the world to know there is now an alternative to using harsh chemicals to obtain the color they desired and if their hair is already chemically treated with a color that they had the option to switch up the color and then return to their original color within minutes without striping the color to obtain another color.”

When asked why she started the company, Davis revealed that her desire to experiment with hair dyes and rinses whose chemicals will not leave adverse effects on her hair was her biggest push.

The goal for anyone who colors their hair is to enjoy the vibrant color they desire to have in their hair, and so she created a harmless chemical-free alternative.

Davis said she’s bent on assisting her customers to be more health conscious about what they put in their hair. The mother of two is believed to be one of the women pioneers to create a chemical-free hair color product.

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