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Meet the homeless designer in New York who wants to take her luxury coffee bag clothing global 

The suit comprised cargo pants with two utility pockets on each side and a knee-length jacket characterized by an unfinished hem and sleeves. Photo Credit: TikTok, Johnny Cirillo

Monday Blues, a fashion designer, first went viral in 2022 with a video showing herself upcycling Starbucks burlap sacks into a custom-made pantsuit.

Famous photographer Johnny Cirillo recorded her breathtaking ensemble on his @watchingnewyork profiles on TikTok and Instagram, bringing the world a unique blend of sustainable fashion and creativity.

The original printed coffee labels from the burlap bags were incorporated into the designer’s garments, along with hand-stitched details and her brand.

The outfit was made up of cargo pants with two utility pockets on each side and a knee-length jacket with an unfinished hem and sleeves. She informed Cirillo that she created her attire while experiencing homelessness on a train in Chicago.

She was inspired after seeing some burlap coffee bags displayed at Starbucks, a brand that promotes recycling and reusing its products. She approached the baristas, who were gracious enough to give her the sacks for free.

She told the photographer, “The backstory is, I actually created this while homeless on a train in Chicago.” “So I made this by hand.” 

The designer has decided to continue using used bags from other coffee companies to create her exquisite clothing and to expand her brand globally.

Monday Blues, who is still homeless in New York, wants to keep establishing and growing her brand to show others how far persistence and determination can go when they follow their ambitions.  

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help fund her job and promote her company. “Monday has had a myriad of obstacles from individuals who broke her only sewing machine to being homeless, but that didn’t stop her,” the statement on the page read.

It said, “After recently going viral on TikTok for her infamous coffee burlap set, she has gotten a tremendous amount of orders and support, growing her brand quicker than she could have imagined. All of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to Monday’s luxury fashion brand. She makes all of her pieces by hand, adding a special touch that most luxury brands no longer offer.”

It continued, “The money would go towards mass production (as she wants to make more of her clothing accessible to a wider range of people), new sewing machines, pay for overhead, custom pieces for celebrities and influencers, outsourcing fabrics from small businesses, and most importantly, permanent housing. Monday is deeply appreciative of all of the support the power of the internet has enabled her to have. Any donations, even $1, could go a long way for her. We invite you to be a part of Monday’s story – Lift voices, stand up for the overlooked, be remembered.”

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