Meet the little-known ancient Egyptian God of Creation and the Law of Attraction

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Little is recorded of the ancient Egyptian God of creation throughout the annals of history, but the little that is known is worthy of appraisal as it bears on the health and vitality of our knowledge of the past and the stories it tells of our origin and becoming.

In the ancient Egyptian Kingdom of Memphis, located approximately 12 miles South-West of present-day Cairo, lives an old tale of a certain Creator-God of the ancient Egyptian Kingdom named; Ptah. The stories surrounding the origins of Ptah stretch to as far back as before the onset of the ancient Egyptian civilization (approximately 4400BC) because he is upheld as the God who warranted the existence of all things within the physical Universe and beyond.

The Memphis Creation Myth is a text written by the then natives of Memphis around 700BC, giving credence and popular credibility to Ptah. Memphis was the capital of a unified Egypt at the time, so it was incumbent on her leaders to represent the capital with a God-head; Ptah, the Creator-God was chosen amidst deliberations and considerations as suitable for the city’s newly acquired status.

Ptah is said to have married the local Memphite goddess named Sekhmet. She found favour in the eyes of the Creator-God because of her unique personality traits; she represented the spirit and dignity of a lioness, this divine endowment saw her dealing justice where it was required and giving love, protection, healing and care where it was called for as well. Together with the Creator-God, Sekhmet gave birth to Nefertum and Maahes. Ptah is however recorded to have also fathered the Great Ennead of Heliopolis, a set of nine ancient Egyptian deities named; Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys. The first five deities are representative of the five forces of creation, and the remnant four given control over the political administration of creation by Ptah himself.

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Imhotep; the priestly genius of Egyptian fame is said to have been adopted by Ptah himself to be nurtured in the ways of the wise for the benefit of a collective humanity, and his astonishing achievements to which the annals of history attest to stand to bring to light the supremacy of Ptah’s own off-the-charts intelligence as well as fatherly attributes.

This is the point in the story where we find out how Ptah carried about his creation duties. The Creator-God is recorded by his priests and court servants to have used the power of his THOUGHT animated by the force of his WILL-POWER to bring into physical manifestation the product of his creative thoughts by WORD OF MOUTH. This creation method is not so different from the infamous ‘Let there be light, and there was light’ of the Judeo-Christian creation tradition as recorded in the Bible. It follows according to a Memphite theological doctrine dated approximately 710BC that the Great Ennead of Heliopolis along with the remnant of creation was granted existence this way.

Ptah’s method of creation is very similar to the way and manner we create our own circumstances as sons and daughters of the Creator-God whose creative essence lives in us. There is a certain cosmic, or should I rather say universal law by which we draw into our lives all of the prevailing circumstances we have interacted with, are interacting with and will be interacting with, in the near future. This Law which acts in tandem with other cosmic laws has been named The Law of Attraction by the ancients who discovered its unbending power.

An anatomical dissection into The Law of Attraction will ferry us into the world of Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics as some scholars choose to address it, for it is in this world that we can better understand the nature and true power of our Thought and how they bear on the circumstances and situations we are faced with.

One of the most fundamental principles of The Law of Attraction is that; we attract into our own world, or personal space if you like, what we repeatedly think of. Our Thought in the scientific world of Quantum Physics is energy, it carries an atomic weight and therefore retains in it the power to give rise to creation as well as change the course of creation. The Creation made possible by our Thought is the creation of those day-to-day circumstances and social situations within which we carve out our lives and the quality of our living, so that the student who anticipates failure and persistently, or rather helplessly feeds his anticipation of failure with varied mental scenarios of how the failure will come about is one who is very likely to encounter failure given a written exam or a practical test, the opposite is so true!

Our Thought is energy, and active Thought is active energy. The universe and her constituent bodies are observed within the confines of the five senses as an impressive artwork of Ptah’s ingenuity, however, we often do not give attention to the underlying forces giving rise to their place, position and powerful influence on the quality and direction of our lives. We are obviously an integral part of this Universe, differentiated from the rest of creation only in kind. We are thus connected to the rest of creation from the standpoint of our immaterial identities, our Thought of which will serve a suitable example such immaterial make. It is in the silence of our Thought therefore that we can quiet the noise emanating from the distractions around us and commune with the rest of creation, dictating the course and quality of the experiences with which we are faced because we retain the power to attract or repel them.

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The core essence of creation is eternally Good, therefore the quality of the Thought with which we intend to serve as co-creators with Ptah must be inherently Good as well. And by Good, we are encouraged to ensure that the circumstances we mentally envision in our bid to bring them into physical manifestation MUST serve the individual as well as the collective interest of all persons. For creation seeks to multiply, provide for, expand and venerate all things living thus, any other creative force whose mission falls short of Ptah’s benevolent desire to bring into realization a harmonious Universe will fall victim to the negative effects of its own undoing.

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