Meet the smartest 2-year-old in Ghana who knows the capital cities of over 140 countries

Francis Akhalbey March 28, 2019
Two-year-old Jeremiah Addo

Talk about impressive retentive memory, two-year-old Ghanaian toddler Jeremiah Addo, who has not even been enrolled in school yet, astonishingly knows the capital cities of over 140 countries and anytime he’s put to the test, he comfortably aces it without breaking a sweat.

“He has this smartness in him that we discovered at [sic] early stage that he’s just incredible. He can do a lot of stuff that we never thought he can. At 1 year, 4 months, we discovered that he has some incredible moves we couldn’t explain,” his father told Kofi TV.

At one and half years, his father said they started noticing he could pick things so fast with the mind of a “magnet” and decided to teach him at home so he could be at par with or better than his colleagues when he starts schooling.

Little Addo is also very well vexed in other areas of general knowledge. Take a look at him in action below:

Addo is one of the million black children doing the unthinkable and changing the world with their talents.

4-year-old Alannah George, who is from Iver, Buckinghamshire, southwest of the Greater London area is currently the UK’s second youngest member of Mensa, the world’s largest and oldest high IQ society or the organization for the super smart.

Meet the smartest 2-year-old in Ghana who knows the capital cities of over 140 countries
Alannah George is the second youngest member of UK’s Mensa. Pic credit: Daily Mail

With an incredible IQ score of 140, the reception class pupil has made her way into the elite group, meaning she is of “superior general intelligence,” the Mirror reports. Her impressive IQ score after a test makes her UK’s second-youngest member. Her score also means she is smarter than former US President Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and Tom Cruise.

Meet the smartest 2-year-old in Ghana who knows the capital cities of over 140 countries
George pictured here with her family. Pic credit: Daily Mail

At the age of 10, South African genius Sibahle Zwane has shocked many people in recent months with his special talent of working huge numbers of math just from his head. The interesting thing is the young genius has proven to be a good businessman as well, as he has exploited his remarkable talent to make some money for himself and family.

Imam Hassan, a then four-year-old boy from Tanzania also shocked the world some years back due to his remarkable ability to mention the capital cities of any African country one can think of.

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